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This year more than a dozen states have considered measures that would allow the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses, but so far only Texas has approved a so-called campus-carry law. Read more

Title IX is not just about sports; it is a prohibition against sex-based discrimination in education. 
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U.S. Department of Education Releases List of Higher Education Institutions with Open Title IX Sexual Violence Investigations. Do You Know About Title IX? 
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Senators Want Advocates to Sex Assault Victims
Drink Up and Cool Down 
Summer is a good time to get things done at KCTCS—the decreased student traffic and warm weather has a lot of us busy catching up on to-do lists at work and at home before the fall semester begins. Read more
The advocate would guide sexual assault victims through campus disciplinary hearings, connect them to medical care, and inform them of their legal rights more. Read more
Do You Know About Title IX?
Texas Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Guns at Colleges
Title IX Investigations
Summer is synonymous with barbecues, parades and fireworks displays. But along with all the festivities are plenty of visits to emergency rooms – especially during July. Read more
Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day
Groundskeeping Safety, Part 4: Deadly Insects
Are bees an occupational hazard? in 2007, three workers were stung by bees while harvesting almonds in Texas. Read more
Returning to Work After Heat Illness
Protecting workers from the heat is a critical issue during the hot months of July and August—so critical that OSHA is ramping up its awareness and enforcement efforts around heat illness prevention this year. Read more
Preventing Employee Exposure to Silica
Because the damage crystalline silica causes cannot be undone, preventing exposure is extremely important. Read more
Preventing Amputations: Securing Objects and Materials
At a storage system manufacturing facility in Georgia, two workers suffered finger amputations in two separate incidents. Read more
OSHA's Enforcement Policy for GHS Phase-in Period
The new GHS labeling system is beginning to be enforced by OSHA. With a global standard, U.S. companies cannot afford to skip on this new policy.  Read more
Colleges Target Sexual Assault: Stalking
That makes the awareness and reporting of stalking even more important for universities. Sexual assault on campuses has received a lot of attention, and for a good reason.  Read more
Practitioners' Discussion Clery/Title IX Report
In August, 2014, a summit was held to bring together campus officials from around the U.S. to discuss unresolved issues around Title IX and other related legislation including the Clery Act and the Violence Against Women Act. Read more
Education Department Reaches Resolution Agreement
The U.S. Department of Education announced today that its Office for Civil Rights has reached an agreement with  LaPorte Community School Corporation to resolve a Title IX complaint. Read more
Injury and Illness
Some workers must stand for prolonged periods and may not be free to move around-like doctors and nurses in operating rooms or cashiers at a retail store. Read more
2014 Updates to ANSI Eye Wash Standard
The standard now states that units which combine a Drench Shower and Eye/Eye Face Wash unit must accommodate simultaneous use.  Read more
Safety & Employee Engagement
All employers should know how great the benefits can be when employees embrace safety and live it every day. But some employees may think, What’s in it for me?.  Read more
Respirators: What Workers Need to Know
Your workers have completed their medical evaluations and have been fit-tested; they know how to don and doff their respirators, how to keep them clean, and when to replace them. Read more
Safe Flammable Chemical Storage
The new GHS system of labeling chemicals has provided clearer information regarding flammable liquids. Check out tips for storage and disposal and so much more. Read more
Expert Presents About Active Shooter Incidents
Drew Neckar, the regional director of security for the Mayo Clinic Health System, explained behavioral patterns of active shooters, gave recommendations, and walked through his health facility's active shooter situation. Read More
Top 10 OSHA Violations
OSHA's announcement of the most frequently cited violations I a popular event at the National Safety Council. Read More
Veteran Worker Neglected Fall PPE
Workers fall resulted in painful injuries and surgery to repair several broken bones. He sued his employer... the employer argued it was Stephen's decision not to wear his fall PPE that caused the injury. Read More
Safer Chemical Management: Ending PELs
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) attempt at a mass update in 1989 was overturned by the 11th Circuit Court, and attempts to establish PELs for newly-recognized chemical hazards have largely been hamstrung in the regulatory process. Read More
Safe Winter Driving
Whether you drive for a living or only to and from work, winter weather conditions provide a challenge for even the most seasoned driver. Read More
Slips, Trips, and Falls- Winter Safety Tips
This week we’re looking at Slips, trips and falls. It is the number 1 reason for an industrial injury in the United States. Article 1   Article 2
Interacting With Autism During Emergencies
Know the signs of a person with ASD nd how you an effectively respond to them during an emergency.
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Crisis With Campus Emergency Operations Centers
Here's how Superstorm Sandy prompted Stony Brook University to transform its EOC from a conference room into a fusion center. Read More
Working Alone
Working alone can be dangerous, even for the most mundane jobs. Working alone may increase the list of work-related injuries or even death. Read More
Workplace First Aid Kit Standards
The revised standard has introduced two classes of first aid kits...Class A kits are designed to deal with common workplace injuries. Class B kits include a broader range and quantity of ....
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Disposing of batteries in the trash is illegal in many states. Take used batteries to a recycling center. 
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Disposing of Batteries Safely
When it comes to environmental health and safety management systems, larger organizations have a definite advantage in budget and manpower. But sometimes,  Read More
Comprehensive EHS Management System on a Lab Scale
Are Contractors Compromising Your Safety Program?
Use Near Misses To Fine Root Causes
5 Common Safety Strategy Programs
Are your contractor safety management practices putting you at risk? It’s possible. Contractor and temporary workers who are injured...  Read More
Finding out about a hazard that almost turned into an incident is always concerning. But near-misses can have a valuable silver lining.Read More
If business strategy is still an evolving concept with new paradigms and approaches established every year, safety strategy has a long way to go to reach extreme levels of effectiveness. Read More
When it comes to arc flash protection, proper personal protective equipment is essential to reducing the severity of injuries. Read More
When selecting respiratory protection there are several crucial questions safety professionals must be prepared to answer as part of the decision making process. Read More
Respiratory Protection Made Easy (At Least, Less Confusing)
Dressing For Protection
You can have the best, most comprehensive workplace violence policy that ever existed, but if you don't communicate and enforce it with employees at all levels, it's worthless. 
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Predicting Failure for Your Workplace Violence Policy
Prepare for and Manage an OSHA Inspection
The Weather Outside is Frightful (and Full of Hazards)
Six-Point Vehicle Check: A Gift that Keeps on Giving
Safety managers throughout the country work to prevent incidents, minimize injuries and prevent disruption in company production. One of their biggest fears is a knock from an OSHA compliance safety and health officer. Read More
OSHA urges employees and employers engaged In snow removal and cleanup to beware of potential hazards.
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A six-point vehicle check is a gift that will keep on giving, both in better vehicle performance and fewer unexpected repairs this winter, says the Car Care Council. Read More
Hand Tools: What's the right size for you?
Recognizing hidden dangers: 25 steps to a safer office 
Work outside? Know how to prevent cold stress
If you’re not giving much thought to how you choose hand tools, you should. That’s the message the Center for Construction Research and.. Read More
If you work outside, it’s important to know about cold stress. Cold stress is a preventable danger that involves....Read More
It's fairly obvious that safety and health hazards can exist on worksites filled with heavy machinery and equipment, where employees often a..   Read More
10 Forklift Fouls and How to Avoid Them
Forklift trucks can be dangerous if they are not operated with care, and it is essential that poor standards of operation are kept to an absolute minimum. . Read More
Is your AED Ready to Shock?
An Emergency at the Eyewash Station
Improperly maintained eyewash stations can create a greater hazard than those they're designed to protect against.  Read More
A status indicator or readiness display will show an alert when a problem is found. This is why it is important for you to conduct regular inspections.  Read More
Fume Hood Basics
A laboratory can be an extremely hazardous place to work. It is imperative that workers using a fume hood are aware of good practices so they are not working against fume hood performance.  Read More
Power Strips and Dangerous Daisy Chains
The supply of readily available electrical outlets is inadequate in some buildings, especially older ones. To meet power supply needs, extension cords or surge protected power strips are often... Read More
11 Rules for Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials
The Extraordinary Cost of Serious Injuries
Fire Drills: Why, When, and How
Trip Hazards Do's and Don'ts
Do your employees know how to handle hazardous materials safely? Here are 11 basic rules all employees who handle hazardous materials should know and follow. Read More
The national statistics on injuries and deaths from workplace slips, trips, and falls are disturbing. Today we’ll give you some actionable advice on keeping...Read More
Preparation is the key to effective response to workplace fires. Fire drills help prepare employees to respond quickly, calmly, and safely.   Read More
A new study of workplace incidents that cause employees to miss six or more work days is out. Keep reading to learn just how much these accidents and injuries are costing U.S. employers, including you!  Read More
The EPA is taking safety measures against the herbicide paraquat, which can cause poisoning when ingested and severe injuries or death when skin or eye exposure occurs.  
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EPA Proposing Action Against Deadly Pesticide
Lack of PPE and Training Cost Electrical Technician His Life
According to OSHA, in November 2014, Marreo Travis, the father of a young daughter, was testing transformers when he was electrocuted.
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The ROI on safety
Would you spend $1 to save $2 in the future? How would you feel about $3 or $4 or $6 in future savings for every dollar you spend now?.. Read More
Safety Leadership: World class in safety
Despite years of research on the topic, there is no single answer to what defines a world-class safety organization. However, after 50 years.. Read More
Safety Leadership: Driving in the safe brain lane
One third of all on-the-job fatalities in the United States Involve motor vehicles according to the National Safety Council.. Read More
Four Standards back on OSHA's radar in spring regulatory agenda
Washington - Despite the Trump administration's focus on deregulation, OSHA is set to move ahead on four standards previously relegated to... 
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Taking Action Against Acts of Workplace Violence
With active shooting incidents permeating media, how can companies prepare for an act? . Read More
Honeywell issues hard hat recall
Smithfield, RI - Honeywell Safety Products has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 82,500 hard hats, stating that the equipment may provide insufficient.. Read More
Steep rise in insect-borne illnesses puts outdoor workers at risk: CDC
Atlanta - Disease cases stemming from mosquito, tick and flea bites more than tripled from 2004 to 2016 in the United States...
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Don't Crowd Out Safety and Overload Your Employees
What are the most effective ways to educate employees about safety rules and procedures? Information overload could cause problems when it comes to educating workers about safety..
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Practice caution when handling fuel
Does your workplace have vehicles or equipment that are fueled onsite? If so, certain precautions are necessary. 
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11 tips for effective workplace housekeeping
To some people, the word “housekeeping” calls to mind cleaning floors and surfaces, removing dust, and organizing clutter.
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Reducing the Risk of Hearing Loss
At least 4 million workers go to work each day in damaging noise and 10 million people in the United States have a noise-related hearing loss. Read More
6 Ways to Uncover Slips, Trips and Falls Hazards
Falls are no laughing matter. Here are six suggestions on how to ensure your workers are protected from falling down on the job.  Read More
Avoid occupational back injuries
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, musculoskeletal injuries and disorders accounted for 33 percent of all workplace injuries requiring days away from work in 2011. Read More
The Scissor Lift Dilemma
Millions of workers utilize scissor lifts to perform work at heights. Over the years, it has become the go-to mobile tool for those working at lower heights.  Read More
Fume Hood Basics
A laboratory can be an extremely hazardous place to work. It is imperative that workers using a fume hood are aware of good practices so they are not working against fume hood performance.  Read More
The Scissor Lift Dilemma
Millions of workers utilize scissor lifts to perform work at heights. Over the years, it has become the go-to mobile tool for those working at lower heights.  Read More
Responding to heat stroke, heat exhaustion
Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are the two most dangerous heat-related illnesses, according to OSHA. Read More
What's the real cost of a Worker's Life?
Rather than taking steps to make their workplaces safer, some companies are playing games with their workers’ lives. 
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Safety training motivation
How do I keep the “10 feet tall and bulletproof” mentality from compromising my safety training? Read More