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5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Falls
US Department of Labor: Prevent falls in the workplace and save lives. These 5 measures from OSHA can help keep workers safe. Read More
Accident Prevention Begins with a Conversation
Have you ever asked the question,"What else can I do to improve our safety culture?"  The answer may be in your next conversation. Read More 
Predicting Failure for Your Workplace Violence Policy
You can have the best, most comprehensive workplace violence policy that ever existed, but if you don't communicate and enforce it with employees at all levels, it's worthless.  Read More
Safety and Performance Excellence: Criticizing BBS {Behavior Based Safety)
The earliest versions of behavioral safety processes still are around today with too few changes. Some processes that have changed missed a few critical issues in their design. Read More 
Fatality Investigation: Teen Competing Roofing Work Electrocuted
The 16-year-old was attempting to move a ladder when it fell into a power line...
Read More
The ROI of Safety
Safety professionals whose employers are reluctant to invest in occupational safety may face an additional challenge when building their case: multifaceted math. Read More 
When it comes to arc flash protection, proper personal protective equipment is essential to reducing the severity of injuries. Read More
Dressing For Protection
The term "pinch point" sounds unpleasant - and it is. A pinch point is "any point at which it is possible for a person or part of a person's body to be caught between... Read More
Beware of pinch points
Is your shared office refrigerator filled with mystery items, funky smells and 5-month-old yogurt? It's time to take action... Read More
Keep the office fridge clean - and safe 
Safety Leadership: World class in safety
Despite years of research on the topic, there is no single answer to what defines a world-class safety organization. However, after 50 years.. Read More
Safety Leadership: Driving in the safe brain lane
One third of all on-the-job fatalities in the United States Involve motor vehicles according to the National Safety Council.. Read More
Watch out for lightning
The threat of lightning is one of the hazards of working outdoors. OSHA points out that employees who work outdoors in open spaces or in or near tall objects have a significant risk for.. Read More